Saturday, 11 August 2012


Wisdom is very essential in life. if you think it is inferior to have wisdom, you can remain foolish.
Bible says wisdom is the principal thing in all your doing get wisdom. Nobody can have wisdom if he or she does not consult wisdom himself which is God almighty. wisdom is that thing we need to succeed in life and to be fulfilled. King Solomon in the bible asked God for wisdom and he was given and it was recorded that no king was as wise as Solomon.
                       What did Solomon do to get wisdom?
He offered sacrifice to God. In the same way, if we are to get wisdom we have to offer sacrifices. sacrifice of thanksgiving,prayer,our substance(money),fasting etc. These are the things we are to offer. But we have to take note of one thing that we should not be carried away lest we become rejected by God.Solomon sinned against God(idolatry) that is the main reason he is not well celebrated today as his father David.
     We have to get wisdom as youths. comment if you like this post. 

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